The Medley Collection


I'v been hard at work on my spring and summer collection.  This collection, I decided to have an interesting medley of chain's with pendents.   Gold chain's, silver chain's, long chain's, short chain's, lot's and lot's of chain's.  A long with a few new gem stone and sandalwood bead necklaces.

   You can have fun this summer with my new Medley Collection.  Mix and match the gold with silver or wear all gold chain's or all silver chain's.  In the evening add a gem stone necklace with some chain's.  The sandalwood beads with silver coin pendent necklace would look great with the sterling silver chain necklaces and your favorite T-shirt and jeans.  Don't forget your summer hat to give your outfit that Malibu, Martha's Vineyard look!

          Have fun and enjoy your summer!                                                                                                                  Sherri Bostwick♥︎