My First blog Post

                         My first blog post



     And thank you for visiting Sherri Bostwick website and

Sherri Bostwick lifestyle blog.  For the last couple of years I have wanted to add a lifestyle blog to my site. I kept putting it off thinking I would not know what to say or write and that it would not be different enough. 

  Well, I usually always have something to say, just ask my two amazing children who by the way are my biggest joy. Being a stay at home mother has been my profession and passion in life for the past 20 years. When my husband Barry and I wanted to start a family it was important to us that I be at home to raise the kids. I believe it’s been one of my most important achievements.

  Barry and I pretty much started our family in NY while Barry was filming the TV show Spin City, Brian was 16 months old and Chela was about to arrive when we moved there.  I remember this story like it was yesterday.  All of us went into the city to do some Christmas shopping and see the amazing Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.  If you’ve never been to Rockefeller Center at Christmas time to see the Tree with all the beautiful lights and decorations, snowing and all the people hustling and bustling around. You should try it, it really is a beautiful time of year there! OK, back to memory lane.

  It is shoulder to shoulder people.  Barry has Bri, our son, and like always when in the city I have a death grip on Chela, which she loves to tell and laugh about now.  We are walking by the tree and all of a sudden someone walks in between Chelsea and I breaking my dearth grip I have on her, my heart drops into my stomach and what felt like hours, which was really only about 30 seconds I couldn’t see Chelsea. It was just a sea of people. This little girl that was my whole world to me was gone.  I don’t know why or how but I just turned and look straight into the crowd trying to see in between the people as they passed, and for what ever reason Chelsea did the same thing. There was this small glimpse of her through a break in the crowd, she was just standing there looking up with these big, beautiful blue eyes waiting for me, knowing I would find her. I am glad to say it is one of my many memories of motherhood that I can now laugh and share.

     I love you Brian & Chelsea.   

    I have not once regretted devoting so many years to my children, all though there has been times when I thought my son, who put me to the test many times, would not understand my decisions on things. But when the school system and your son are going down the wrong path, you have to plant your feet strong on the ground with all your strength and love, and do what you know instinctively is right. You can’t settle for what is easy, because in the end you have to know you did everything in your heart and power that was right for their future.

   Now that both Brian and Chelsea are in collage working hard on making their own foot print in the world, it is time to let go of the sails and let them point them into the wind and watch them sail into life with great courage and strength.  I have created a wonderful bond and love I trust will never be broken.

  So I would like to start this blog off by telling both Brian and Chelsea that it has been both an honor and a privilege to be your mother, you both are growing into beautiful, smart, creative young adults with so much talent. You can be and do anything you want in this world with hard work and dedication. Remember to all ways be kind to yourself and others and go after life with passion in your heart.

                                                               Love always,

                                                                      Momma   2016    

  Now that Barry and I have our wonderful children on their way, I thought this would be a good time to start my blog and give more time to my other passions. First my small but growing jewelry line and now my blog.  Cooking, designing, and all most anything that has to do with outside from BBQing, gardening, and camping to horses, dogs, and all of natures wild animals. I love to be outside.     Hope you enjoy!